Fabienne’s route into merchandising hasn’t been conventional, but it has been rewarding for the wealth of experience it has afforded along the way. Starting as an MAA at a travel retailer, she subsequently worked as an allocator at a fine jewellers before moving into fashion retail at AllSaints in 2014. From here she was promoted to senior allocator before her invaluable move to John Lewis in 2016. It was here that she settled fully into merchandising, receiving first-rate training from her peers and managers where she was promoted to assistant merchandiser 2 years ago. 

Having recently returned to work, she’s learning how to balance life in lockdown with an 11 month old and working from home alongside her husband.


Fabienne is an avid musician who has been enjoying music most of her life. Maintaining the idea that she couldn’t sustain a living within the music industry she looked elsewhere for employment while continuing the joys of music as a hobby. Joining choirs wherever she’s lived, Fabienne is currently a member of The Renaissance Singers London, as well as Cavendish Singers (a John Lewis Partnership chamber choir). In a pre-pandemic (pre-baby) world, she would attend at least 5 singing weekend workshops a year, sometimes aboard, but mostly in Devon and Oxford.